Ascension Through Framing / by Metropolitan Society

Program: Visual Art Museum Location: Back Bay, Boston, MA ACSA Steel Competition 2018

Render Perspective Final Done.jpg

The building program is a visual art museum that acts as a framework not only for the artwork inside the museum but also for precisely cropped views and abstractions of Boylston St., Back Bay, and the landscape beyond. For those outside of the building the framed views act as viewports into the structure, creating a dialogue between those viewing and those being viewed. Egress within the building is controlled through a snaking tube that runs from the base of the building all the way to the top gallery with periodic escalators running through to bring views to each floor. The final stop inside of the tube is the top gallery hosts a permanent collection and is aimed at giving the viewer an intimate moment with light and a cropped view of the city.

Redner II.jpg
Viewport redner (1) (1).jpg

The stacking methodology of the structure opens up a public space underneath the double-height floors of the building. At night the building itself can acts a framework/screen for films to be projected onto. The bottom double height gallery space is also retractable to blur the line between inside and outside and extend the public space into the building.

final render.jpg
Front Render.jpg