Cómodo: An Editorial by Jerry Perez / by Metropolitan Society

We present to you an in house editorial shot and styled by Jerry Perez. 

From the artist: "Imagine comfort in a new way in fashion practices. I use the word “Cómodo”, Spanish for comfort, to juxtapose the fast paces of the prevailing fashion industry and the pleasures of being home. I invite viewers to see how fashion and comfort may work together. The outfits were styled by me, however the clothing was of the models own. The drape of the fabric, folds to embrace this moment of quiet. Their clothing is loose fitting, meant to wear while relaxing in the place you feel connected to yourself. In this editorial, I challenge the notion that fashion practices need to communicate a fast-pace, aggressive, and stressful attitude towards life. I welcome you to feel the peace expressed by the model in this editorial."

Model: Nazia Perry

Source: metropolitansociety.co/blog/cmodo-an-edito...