I Do Not Know Painting Series: Anne de Groot (DEGANN) / by Jerry Perez

Anne  de Groot also known as, DEGANN,  graduated from hogeschool voor de kunsten in Amsterdam. She works with watercolour and paint to create vivid and  liable images that sometimes disguise an atrabilious element. Mental vulnerability and transience are central themes in her work. The multiple layers in her work create an elusive form. Like light, the works are simultaneously fleeting and present. This corresponds with her perception of paintings as breathing organisms. This is why they are not made as mere artistic statements, but originate from a sincerely felt inner necessity. She searches for shapes that intrigue her, much like her portraits, she does not paint faces, but heads, which creates a different sense of intimacy. The faces become  a structured spatial order covering the head, which houses the soul.

She doesn’t work towards mimesis but towards a possible temporary essence of the portrayed, which is often introspective and removed. The transparency of the layers of paint creates discolorations on the surface. These aqueous spots that deform the shape of the heads approach that what is inside, the intimacy of the sitter’s spirit.


Her most recent work, ‘I do not know’ is a series composed of various media, to expose what lies beyond my surface. Her work enables her to project her vision of the world around her on those that inhabit that world.


She tells us in her series, “that by sharing what I create, letting go of the visual in my work and approach the invisible, I understand my work better.

In order to seek for the ‘I’ I have started my quest with the depiction of family photos. I aim at capturing the feeling that emerges when I look at these photos. It is an investigation to the elevated ‘I’ that knows more than I know. With ink I have been sketching this feeling repeatedly, getting nearer to its essence every time. It can be found in the introvert soul that stares at me, shining through the gaze of absence of the portrayed on the old photos.

The black ink I have purposely chosen is representative of the layers of the individual, there is more to it than just darkness.

By trying to catch the abstract concept of a feeling, I seek to let go of the aesthetic values tied to representation. I care about approaching the essence of a feeling.”

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