"Cambridge," A Mini Series by Jerry Perez by Metropolitan Society

From the artist: "A miniature series done on 35mm black and white documenting infrastructure in Cambridge, Massachusetts and it’s process of reconstruction, construction and erecting new windows of opportunity. Each photograph tries to encapsulate the beauty and raw efforts of the building process, and it’s end results."

Photographed and designed by Jerry Perez (Instagram: @_stillloading_)

Seaside Home in Kanagawa by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates by Jerry Perez

Shinichi Ogawa & Associate's, have released their recent project of a windowless facade residential sea side home in the prefecture of Kanagawa-ken, Japan. The sea side home features a cantilever with an infinity pool, facing the Pacific Ocean. The residences street facing facade is made up of three white volumes with a single palm tree to bring a sense of harmony and leisure. What makes the design of the home even more interesting, is the linear format of the floor plan. Each room parallels each other with an uninterrupted view of the sea. View more of the project below, and make sure to check out other projects by Shinichi Ogawa & Associate here. 

Photography courtesy of Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

OFIS Architects' Modular House by Jerry Perez

OFIS architects recent compact house project developed from the idea of flexible and adaptable homes that can aptly fit into any terrain. The infrastructures composition is made from timber frames that are reinforced on both sides by plywood boards. The foundation of the houses can either be fixed into the ground by steel anchors, or be removable with concrete cubes. With it’s flexibility to fit into any terrain and climate, it can form to be a single unit, research habitation, stack on top of each other, or used entirely different to the homeowners needs. Check out more of the project below and visit OFIS Architects for more projects and ideas.  

Images by Janez Martincic and OFIS Architects

Elding Oscarson's Skissernas Museum Extension by Jerry Perez

Architecture practice, Elding Oscarson, has released their recent extension project in Sweden of Lund University's Skissernas Museum, incorporating Corten steel. Designed adjacent to the museum's sculpture park, the new extension creates a facade to introduce a new entrance, museum shop and dining area.

From the designer: “The new addition of slightly bent volumes is projecting itself into the existing sculpture park, releasing its grip of the street grid and instead latching on to the diagonal approach through the park.” View more of the project below, and make sure to view more of Elding Oscarson's projects here

Photography by Åke Elson Lindman.

Link to the Skissernas Museum here.

SKF Test Centre by Tchoban Voss Architekten by Jerry Perez

SKF 8.jpg

Tchoban Voss Architects has released their newest project located in Schweinfurt, Germany. The SKF Test Centre is widely known for their highest performance testing for large scale bearings and leading technology pioneers. The testing centre is comprised of conjoined halls that are unequal in height to serve different purposes. The largest volume hall is used for it’s large scale testing, while the smaller hall is mainly used for offices, workshops, storage and technical functions. The infrastructures exterior is composed of reinforced concrete columns, slabs, and sleeve foundation with its façade made primarily of reflective white aluminum panels. See more of the project below.

Architects: Tchoban Voss Architekten

Location: Sven-Wingquist-Straße 6, 97424 Schweinfurt, Germany

Photography: Hans-Jürgen Landes

Grândola Meeting Center by Aires Mateus by Jerry Perez

The Grandola Meeting Center located in Grandola, Portugal; is a prime example of utilizing design principles such as negative space, form, and proportions to create an interactive space. Used primarily for large or small event gatherings, the space benefits with it's geometric ceiling design, receding back to optimize use of space, without having to sacrifice practicality. See the rest of the project below.


Architects: Aires Mateus

Location: 7570 Grândola, Portugal

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Nelson Garrido

House MP by SALWORK Architects by Jerry Perez

SALWORKS Architects' recent residential design of House MP in Ponta Delgada, Portugal, is conveniently located between the cities urban and rural area. The site was designed to work around the natural development of Portugal's Mediterranean climate regions and landscape. Allowing natural light to pass through from both the south and west sections of the home. The attic also serves purpose of allowing natural light in to the atelier, and overseeing the homes 2 patios. Check out the images below and visit SALWORKS to see more of the project.

Architects: SALWORKS

Location: Ponta Delgada, Portugal

Architect in Charge: Rui Sabino de Sousa

Project Year: 2013

Manufacturers: Cosentino, Saint Gobain, Technal, CIN, Revigres, Cinca

Photography courtesy of SALWORKS Architects


Studio LOOP 'Plug' House: Japan by Jerry Perez


Studio LOOP in Japan has released their recent residential project in Gunma, Japan. Designed for a small family, the structure is composed of two levels with three corners sliced at one section to reduce budget expenses and to bring forth a compelling composition to the overall design. Studio LOOP also focused on natural lighting, by balancing the interaction between people and space, bringing harmony to the home. Check out the images below of the project.

Design by:  Studio LOOP

Structure: Hasegawa Daisuke

Structural Plan: Daisuke Hasegawa, Mayumi Yasuda

Construction of Sekiguchi | Eiichi Sekiguchi Hideaki Sekigi

Photography: Kai Nakamura

'Plugin' House by People's Architecture Office by Jerry Perez

Architecture firm, PAO recently completed a residential project for a private client in the historic neighborhood; Hutong, Beijing. By designing with this 'plugin' method, prefabricated parts are easily constructed, accessible, and stay all within the dimensions of the given space. The project was a custom design with an extending ceiling to allow natural light and double heighten space.



Location: Changchun Jie, Beijing, China
Completed: July 2016
Principal: He Zhe, James Shen, Zang Feng
Project team: Chen Yihuai, Zhang Zhen
Photography: People’s Architecture Office, Gao Tianxia