Museum of Contemporary Art Africa by Heatherwick Studio by Jerry Perez

Heatherwick’s Studio recent project of the Museum of Contemporary Art Africa is reimagined, using an old grain silo complex to bring forth the largest museum for promoting African contemporary art. Located in V&A Waterfront, Capetown, it’s one of South Africa’s biggest industrial city. Heatherwick Studio transformed the silos to capture and show the progressive history of the waterfront from it’s Industrial age to using the museum as a cultural epicenter. MOCAA’s final design holds up to 80 galleries and 6,000 square meters of exhibition space. It’s interior space consists of 9,500 square meter, 9 floors, commercial space and a rooftop garden. View more of the project below. Photography courtesy of Iwan Baan.

OFIS Architects' Modular House by Jerry Perez

OFIS architects recent compact house project developed from the idea of flexible and adaptable homes that can aptly fit into any terrain. The infrastructures composition is made from timber frames that are reinforced on both sides by plywood boards. The foundation of the houses can either be fixed into the ground by steel anchors, or be removable with concrete cubes. With it’s flexibility to fit into any terrain and climate, it can form to be a single unit, research habitation, stack on top of each other, or used entirely different to the homeowners needs. Check out more of the project below and visit OFIS Architects for more projects and ideas.  

Images by Janez Martincic and OFIS Architects

Grândola Meeting Center by Aires Mateus by Jerry Perez

The Grandola Meeting Center located in Grandola, Portugal; is a prime example of utilizing design principles such as negative space, form, and proportions to create an interactive space. Used primarily for large or small event gatherings, the space benefits with it's geometric ceiling design, receding back to optimize use of space, without having to sacrifice practicality. See the rest of the project below.


Architects: Aires Mateus

Location: 7570 Grândola, Portugal

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Nelson Garrido