Botanica: Engineered Garments Editorial for Drinkwater's Cambridge by Stephen Hopkins

We recently put together an editorial with Drinkwater's Boutique in Cambridge, MA in stock items from Engineered Garments. The shoot features unconventional layering and functional pieces, including the Reversible Coat. With one side wool and the other side coated canvas this jacket fulfills all needs that come with the changing seasons.Other standout pieces from the shoot include the green Fatigue pant, the Brown Homespun Button Shawl, and the Bedford Jacket in Dk. Navy/Red Wool Floral Jacquard.

Our inspiration for Botanica stemmed from Engineered Garments quality "homegrown" products that are all made in New York, just a few blocks away from the Nepenthes store, where they are sold. The process of designing and making these clothes directly parallels the same qualities one must have when maintaining and molding a garden.
Engineered Garments 13
Engineered Garments 13

All pieces can be purchased at Drinkwater's

Images: Jeremias Perez Styling

Creative Direction: Stephen Hopkins and Brian McCarthy

Models: Tomoaki Baba and Yves (Jess) Dahi