Content Contribution

At Metropolitan Society we are happy to promote and publish contributions or content made by our viewers. If the submissions content is up to our standard we will post it on our platform and give the author/retriever full credit. Content may be anything from photos, articles, art to essays and films. Bare in mind that though your work may be of quality, it may not be something relevant to the site. Content must only be submitted if you, the submitter, have full rights to the content itself. Once the content is submitted, we then have the right to publish it in whole or part on this website, on any other site in which we have publishing rights, or any other third party means.

We do not tolerate any illegal, and offensive material. Also, remember the illegalities of plagiarism when submitting your work and the consequences that may follow.

As the submitter you accept full responsibility for the content you provided. All comments and or remarks do not necessarily reflect the views of Metropolitan Society.

By providing submissions to us, you agree with these terms. Thank You.