part/WHOLE Pop-Up Shop / by Metropolitan Society

Interior I.jpg

part/WHOLE, a Boston based clothing brand, had a temporary pop-up retail space housed at Distillery Gallery Boston, MA . The clothing collection was titled, ‘Abstract Realism’. We used plastic sheeting for its translucent quality and texture within the installation. 

Interior II.jpg
Full Room.jpg
Interior V.jpg

The concept was based around a ‘call to action’ where the customer would have to open the plastic curtain to see the clothing, but when the curtain is closed one can see just the shadow or silhouette of the clothing behind the plastic curtain. We created clothing racks out of plumbing pipes and then realized the whole system could take on the appearance as an extrusion of wall itself as if the walls were coming at the viewer. With this in mind we cut out sheets of plastic that would attach to the actual drywall and to the pipe/rack system was well. 

Broken down.jpg
Detail i.jpg